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Veteran Services

SocolMD is committed to working with veterans with traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic stress, heavy-metal exposure, performance medicine, sleep optimization and comprehensive preventative medical care.

Truth is, we never expected to work is this space, but a few very special people pulled us into this world, and there’s no looking back.   It’s always been the right thing to do, only now we’re all in.    Our experience to date is proof of concept to us that  SocolMD offers eligible veterans and operators a level of care that cannot be found through the VA or other avenues.

unique considerations

Veteran Medical Needs

* Nearly 30% of service men and women on active duty for 4 months or less in Iraq and/or Afghanistan (O.I.F. and O.E.F.) are at risk for neurological impairment from closed head injuries, according to the U.S. military.1

* Veterans who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan are at elevated risk for heavy-metal poisoning linked to dust exposure and burn pits. Early heavy-metal poisoning symptoms can look like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

* Veterans are at twice the risk of cardiovascular disease versus their civilian counterparts.2

*Veterans who became accustomed to performance-driven medical care while on active duty have few options in the civilian sector that understand their prior care and long-term medical needs.

*Chronic opioid use for pain management promotes weight challenges, decreased bone mineral density, cardiovascular disease and depression.3

*Veterans with PTSD and/or a history of head trauma may experience mood swings, anxiety, sleep disturbances, depression, decreased sex drive and memory problems, among others.

Ethical Considerations

Although veteran engagement at SocolMD should not be contingent on third party funding, the reality is that neither the Veterans’ Administration nor TriCare cover the full cost of care.

SocolMD has diversified its practice to sustainably support the needs of the veteran.

Veterans can engage through two mechanisms – direct pay at a discounted rate, or through a third-party funding platform.

For those who engage the practice under a third-party funding umbrella, the practice has created a contingency plan on behalf of the veteran in the event that funding is suspended after 12-months of treatment. In other words, we won’t drop you if funding is withdrawn.

For additional information on our commitment, please contact SocolMD.

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