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When you’re between 20 & 35

Health needs change with age, and so should your approach to healthcare. If you’re in your 20s and 30s, then the relationship between you and your healthcare provider should either be about developing your knowledge base to optimize long-term health and performance, or be about working with you to change your health trajectory for the better. Anything less falls short in our humble opinion.

At SocolMD, a Performance Medicine specialty practice in Beverly Hills, California, patients benefit from an environment that’s dedicated to proactive and comprehensive healthcare plus a clinical partnership that supports learning, progress and achievement.

So you're in your late 20's or early 30's and there's nothing wrong with you. Now what?

That’s a great place to be.  It’s also an ideal time to brush up on how to stay that way, from a medical practice that’s committed to exactly that.

Understanding core concepts in personalized nutrition can be invaluable to plotting where you’ll be in 20 years.  It can also push your performance now.  Blend in SocolMD’s state-of-the-art knowledge base involving metabolic and hormonal optimization, and you’re looking at a long-term platform that’s focused on giving you the tools to live your life to the fullest and maintain optimum health.

A basic Performance Medicine evaluation at SocolMD gives you the tools to approach lifestyle decisions with confidence, the depth to know where to look for credible answers to your health-related questions, and the baseline metabolic and hormonal information you need for use in the future.

What if I'm overweight, obese, or have other problems like asthma or diabetes?

Let’s not forget psoriasis, prediabetes or cholesterol problems too.

In our opinion, the time to act is now, but you already knew that.

The sooner active medical problems are optimally controlled or moved toward resolution, the better.  It’s sort of like a financial investment:  The more time you have to invest, the greater the return, but in this case, you’re investing in yourself.

If you’ve tried to improve your health or tackle a chronic disease without success, SocolMD offers an empowering opportunity to understand your diagnosis and take back your health.  Our collaborative practice dynamic at SocolMD favors education and a partnership that drives progress and tangible results.

If you’re ready to take charge of your health, contact us.

What about pregnancy and the impact of a mother's health on her child?

If you’re thinking about getting pregnant, it may be valuable to know that there’s an emerging body of medical literature which links the health of the mother to the long-term health of her unborn child, especially as it relates to the child’s risk for obesity, diabetes and heart disease.   If you’re overweight or obese and you’re contemplating pregnancy, talk to someone about weight management before and during your pregnancy since there’s a lot that women should know about these ideas that aren’t really talking about very often.  Obviously, SocolMD has the background to help a mother-to-be make some informed choices, and put her and her child-to-be on the road to lifelong health.

For more information, contact us.

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